Eagon swap is a state of the art decentralized exchange platform built on the polygon network with an automated market making functionality and cross linkage interoperability across the polygon, ethereum and binance blockchain networks, the very first of its kinds to have this trio of blockchain interoperability.

With the polygon network offering solutions to the age long exorbitant mining fee that has plagued the industry, the Eagon swap will emerge as one of the very first automated market maker platforms and as well, a decentralized exchange system to fully adopt the robust polygon network and its functionalities with diverse inter blockchain compatibility.

Our platform is equipped with the Eagon pad system, a decentralized pioneer community governance launchpad Forum built on the polygon network, with the primary objective of generating and creating liquidity through the Eagon liquidity VAULT network for certified polygon blockchain projects.


Eagon is the native token of the Eagon swap exchange system with a fixed total supply of 300Million. The Eagon smart contract code is built across the trio of blockchain networks; the polygon, ethereum and binance blockchains, availing users the ease of inter blockchain compatibility and interoperability. Eagon is a core utility token, with its use case values not limited to the Eagon Gamification platform, the Eagon NFT super market, the Eagon Defi farm/staking platforms as well as a core exchange token.

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In an effort to create a flawless state of the art fully decentralized exchange platform, a team of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals across diverse field of life, birthed the emergence of the Eagon swap exchange system. Our team is equipped with blockchain experts, marketers, cybersecurity professionals, ICT professionals and various reputable advisory board of trustees.

Meet Our Team 🥰

Bruce Hughes

Bruce Hughes, Based in Dubai for 8 months of the year, and traveling with his family for the other 4 months, Bruce has spent the past 5 years working for and consulting to blockchain based projects and companies. He has a passion for people and projects that lifts the potential for growth for the common person. With experience in crypto-mining, trading, Swaps, and gaming, Bruce has a drive to make crypto mainstream and a passion for working with dedicated teams who make this possible. "Eagonswap will be to Polygon what Uniswap is to Ethereum...that's the focus, the goal for the entire team behind this project"


Matt is an entrepreneur, a cryptopreneur and a peoplepreneur, engaging with people across multiple industries and from multiple countries. As a software engineer by trade, Matt creates solutions and systems for industries and individuals alike, and has worked with some of the top leading brands and platforms in a number of industries. Matt's strong belief in blockchain and its technology potential has him looking towards ways to release that potential in industries from medicine to banking, engineering, mechanics and gaming. "Solutions are just waiting to be created"


Garth was raised and educated in Zimbabwe in the 1990s. He witnessed, first hand, the result of corrupt governance of a political and financial systems, and the direct result it has on people's income, savings and livelihoods. Passionate to find a solution which was decentralized and community driven, Garth started working in, and consulting to projects and platforms in the blockchain sector. With 5 yrs experience in this technology space, and playing roles in marketing, launching and consulting to projects and companies, Garth's real world approach to a sometimes misunderstood technology has helped advance the adoption of blockchain within the Africa market specifically. "Decentralisation is the antidote to the financial destruction we are witnessing today"


The Eagon swap exchange and Eagon pad system was developed out of the passion to bring proficiency to the crypto ecosystem, by a team of selfless co Founders. The pioneering team of co Founders hereby make this disclaimers, that the EagonSwap project being an open sourced code project, is in the initial phase of its development and as such, most of the outlined road map objectives and goals are being developed. Sequel to the above, the information contained in our website, whitepaper, exchange platform and the Eagon pad systems is not a financial advice and the team by the virtue of this declaration shall not take responsibilities for profits or losses incurred as a direct consequence of using our platform, or purchasing our tokens, especially in consideration of the volatile nature of the crypto currency industry. By using our platform, you acknowledge and accept the fact that the crypto currency industry is subjected to cyber attacks and the team of Co Founders by the virtue of this disclaimers, will not take responsibility or face legal consequences for unprecedented cyber threats or incidence, that didn't originate from the EagonSwap system, as all our codes are throughly audited to meet standard cyber security protocols. The team reserves the sole right to make changes in the platform with the goal of improving the system in the overall interest of the system and its numerous users. This can be done with or without prior notification to the general users. We acknowledge the existence of regulating cryptocurrency laws in several countries of the world, and users are required to fulfil the prerequisite of their country of residence to partake in the Eagon project. By using our platform, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the legal disclaimers contained in this masterpiece. EAGON SWAP EXCHANGE TEAM

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